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PatientPlus is a founded by physicians who believe in the power of shared decision making. As a team we have one clear mission: improving the quality of healthcare by putting shared decision making into practice. Decision aids enable health professionals to implement shared decision making effectively. Daily we witness the successful development and usage of decision aids. Our aim is to make shared decision making through decision aids the new standard.

Founders Teun Teunis and Michiel Hageman studied the impact of shared decision making during their time at the Harvard Medical School. There they observed that patients were much better informed to make a medical decision if they used a decision aid. Because of these finding they founded the PatientPlus foundation. The PatientPlus decision aids have become the most widely used decision aids in the Netherlands.

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Our Team


Michiel Hageman

Michiel is one of the founders of PatientPlus and expert on shared decision-making in the Netherlands. In the past few years he has supervised numerous studies and he has published academic articles examining the effect of joint decision-making in Boston and the Netherlands. Michiel is a physician in training to become an orthopedic surgeon and practices joint decision making every day - aiming to provide the best care for each patient.


Teun Teunis

Teun is co-founder of PatientPlus and has extensive knowledge and experience in developing decision aids. In collaboration with physicians and patients he has published numerous decision aids nationally and internationally. Teun is a physician in training to become a plastic surgeon and has published several studies on practice variation and surgical decision-making.


Domino Determann


Gijs Boss

After graduating, Gijs focused on the implementation of shared decision making in practice. The effects of shared decision-making inspired him. At PatientPlus, he uses the practical experiences to implement the decision aids. Furthermore he focuses on guiding the teams in the hospitals. His ambition is to integrate 'shared decision making' in the daily healthcare.


Carmen Latenstein

Carmen is the driving force of the online decision aid platform, where she places the decision aids. She supports various workgroups on the application of it and she develops new decision aids. During medical school, she was inspired by joint decision making, which she brings through the platform into practice.


Roelof van Marrum


PATIENT + regularly gives presentations to further highlight the theme of ‘shared decision making’ for physicians, hospitals and health insurance companies. You can find us at the following locations:

  • 25 January – AMC: E-healthweek
    • Location: AMC, Amsterdam
    • E-health avenue
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