Medical doctors Teun Teunis and Michiel Hageman founded PatientPlus. They examined the effect of Shared Decision making at Harvard Medical School. As their results were tremendously positive, they decided they wanted to pursue putting Shared Decision Making into practice. Teun and Michiel translated words into deeds and founded PatientPlus in 2013.


Our team now consist of 13 healthcare professionals. From our research and experience we are convinced that Shared Decision Making will improve the healthcare system.Our aim is to make Shared Decision Marking the new standard of care. By developing and implementing decision aids, we will make Shared Decision Making widely available. Moreover, our decision aids will make Shared Decision Making easier and fun.


PatientPlus is the main provider of decision aids in the Netherlands. We have developed over 60 Dutch and over 25 English decision aids to put Shared Decision Making into practice. We continuously develop new decision aids, with over 20 decision aids being developed now. We also continue to work on existing decision aids: we constantly update decision aids based on current medical and scientific literature.

Pragmatic, energetic and driven – this is our way of working. We always co-ordinate the content and implementation of the decision aids with our clients. In this way, everyone gets the product that fits with their practice. Shared Decision making is a learning process; it needs different skills from doctors and patients than usual. That is why we train all medical professionals to use the decision aid. After the implementation we continue to be involved. We monitor all decision aids, keep on optimizing them and give support if needed.

We develop decision aids together with health care providers, healthcare institutions, scientific and patient organisations. We cannot make Shared Decision Making the new standard of care just by ourselves. We would like to inspire you, as health care professional, policy-maker or patient, to critically think about Shared Decision Making. Do you have any good ideas for a new decision aid? We like to work together to facilitate Shared Decision making in your practice.



Co-founder Michiel Hageman got a doctorate in Shared Decision Making in 2018. The book ‘Shared Decision Making; why bother if you can do it TOGETHER’ was published in the same year. The book is packed with tips and interviews from practice.

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Shared Decision Making; why bother if you can do it TOGETHER’
(Dutch) E. Wiegant, T. Teunis, M. Hageman 



Domino Determann, M.D., Ph.D.

Research & Content Developer

'By supporting patients with decision aids, we make sure their health care fits better with their wishes'. Domino successfully develops and implements decision aids in various hospitals. Domino gained experience as researcher and project manager at Erasmus MC, the RIVM and Ecorys. She has two master degrees and got a doctoral degree measuring patient preferences. At PatientPlus she knows like no other how to combine her knowledge on quality and health economics, with her experiences from practice.


Michiel Hageman, M.D., Ph.D.

Founder & Director

'Shared Decision Making is more than just a good idea. It is the basis of good decision making.' Michiel is co-founder of PatientPlus and obtained a doctorate on Shared Decision Making. As orthopedic surgery resident he performed different studies in the Shared Decision Making field. He uses these insights with passion and energy to bring Shared Decision Making to the next level.


Gijs Boss, MSc.

Project Manager

'My ambition is that patients would get the right care at the right moment'. Gijs obtained valuable insights about the need and function of Shared Decision Making as a project manager during the last few years. He now uses the experience he obtained in multiple hospitals to guide health care institutions by successfully applying decision aids and Shared Decision Making in practice.


Marieke Boshuizen, drs., Ph.D.

Content Developer

'I want to show patients they have a choice'. As a biomedical scientist, Marieke performed research at Stanford University and is now resposible for the development of decision aids at PatientPlus. By translating research to practical decision aids, she can not only work more patient oriented, but she can also put Shared Decision Making into practice to improve health care.


Teun Teunis, M.D., Ph.D.

Founder & Content Developer

I am dreaming of a polyclinic where I can offer every patient a decision aid'. As co-founder, Teun has extensive experience developing decision aids. In collaboration with patients and doctors he wrote a dozen nationally and internationally published decision aids. Teun is a plastic surgery resident and published among others about variation between health care practices and about surgical decision-making.


Marieke Jonker, MSc.

Project Manager

'I want to demonstrate how Shared Decision Making is successful in daily practice'. Marieke is a trained physical therapist and kinesiologist. She uses her experieces with patients and health care providers in an energetic and decisive way, in order to implement the decision aids and to execute a National Health Care Institute project.


Roelof van Marrum, MBA

Marketing & Strategy

'Working together on Shared Decision Making is the right way to make it the standard of care'. Roelof has a vast experience in a diverse set of commercial and management roles within health care. Therefore Roelof now focusses on marketing and strategic development for PatientPlus. Using his business background, he helps PatientPlus finding solutions for the durable embedding of Shared Decision Making.


Welmoet Westendorp, M.D., Ph.D.

Market & Content Developement

'I strive towards efficient health care, where the patient is central with a balance between effort of the health care provider and innovation'. Welmoet knows about health care processes as she has been a plastic surgery resident. In order to contribute to efficient and future health care, she worked as health care consultant at PwC. She now uses this knowledge and experience by developing decision aids and by implementing them in primary and secondary care processes.


Carmen Latenstein, MSc.

Research & Decision Aid Support

'Working on decision aids helps me bringing my passion into practice'. Carmen is one of the driving forces behind the decision aid platform. During her medical studies she got inspired by decision aids. Therefore, Carmen is working to obtain her doctorate in the field of variation between health care practices and decision making. Additionally, she analyses effect of the usage of the groin hernia and gallstones decision aids in Bernhoven hospital.


Inge Dubbeldam, Ph.D.

Communication Manager

'The importance of relevant and understandable information during a treatment program is enormous'. Inge has almost fifteen years of experience with communication in health care and is therefore the right person to put Shared Decision Making on the map. She complements her experience with scientific knowledge: she obtained her doctorate by studying patient information behavior. Because of this, she knows one thing for sure: good information improves health care.


Floris Thunnissen, MSc.

Research & Decision Aid Support

'Everyone has their own opinion and values. That is way Shared Decision Making is so important'. It is Floris' dream to contribute to good health care since his childhood, because of the human aspect. He can learn a lot about Shared Decision Making at PatientPlus. Floris now obtained his bachelor degree by studying the usage of decision aids for various surgical conditions.


Sophie Borm, MSc.

Market Development

'It is my mission to improve the health care system and to make it more transparant'. Because of her background in digitalisation, eHealth and process optimisation, Sophie knows about the power of Shared Decision Making like no other. Sophie is responsible for scaling up decision aids. She gets her energy from making people want to act and when she can help find solutions and obtain results.

WORKING AT PatientPlus

PatientPlus is market leader in Shared Decision Making using our decision aids and we are proud of this. Together with our team of medical, business and IT experts we work hard realizing our vision. Do you also want to work in a passionate team and in a dynamic and enterprising environment? Send a job application to



As medical specialists, we understand the field and its challenges like no other.



Our way of working is energetic and flexible, which makes us capable of tackling every situation.



We are ambitious and passionate about realizing our mission of Shared Decision Making.

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