What is a decision aid?

The decision aid is an online tool to select the most suitable treatment together with the patient. In a few steps, the decision aid informs the patient about diagnose, different treatment options and de pros and cons of each treatment option. The patient can then use sliders to indicate what he or she believes is important. The decision aid is available digitally and on paper.

How does it work?

Step 1: The patient uses the decision aid (at home or in the clinic) prior to the decision moment.

Step 2: The outcome of the decision aid is automatically sent to the doctor after it is completed.

Step 3: During the consultation, the physician and patient discuss the outcome of the decision aid and make a decision in mutual agreement.

What does PatientPlus do?

The PatientPlus foundation develops decision aids for common medical diagnoses. Our decisions aids are available at our platform PatientPlus adapts, integrates and optimizes decisions aids based on the needs of each individual health care facility.

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How to use decision aids in your practice?

Implementing the decision aid in your practice? PatientPlus supports healthcare workers in tailoring and implementing decision aids into practice. Together we choose the best moment for the implementation of the decision aid and we provide training for physicians and supporting staff to effectively work with the decision aid. To optimize the process and the decision aid, we measure the outcomes and we evaluate the results.This way shared decision making becomes part of your daily practice, and we are happy we can contribute to this.
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The development of high quality decision aids

PatientPlus decision aids are developed with great care. The decision aids are based on the International Patient Decision Aid Standard (IPDAS). By consulting specialists and patients the need for information and support is defined for each subject. Treatment guidelines and the most recent medical publications are the fundamentals of each decision aid. PatientPlus decision aids carry the label Colloquial Language (from the Foundation of Easy Reading) and are tested in practice by specialists and patients.

Patients who use a decision aid are more satisfied with the care provided. Also, patients can understand the treatment options better, participated in the decision making and make informed decisions by using a decision aid.<br /> In addition, the decision aid provides improved quality of life. Research shows - among other things - that using a decision aid reduces stress and anxiety during the decision making process.

Physicians who use the decision aid offer customized care. With the decision aid they gain a better understanding of the personal situation and the preferences of the patient. Additionally the decision aid provides an effective and qualitative consultation - in other words better care in less time.

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