Medical doctors Teun Teunis and Michiel Hageman founded PatientPlus. They examined the effect of Shared Decision making at Harvard Medical School. As their results were tremendously positive, they decided they wanted to pursue putting Shared Decision Making into practice. Teun and Michiel translated words into deeds and founded PatientPlus in 2013.


Our team now consist of 13 healthcare professionals. From our research and experience we are convinced that Shared Decision Making will improve the healthcare system.Our aim is to make Shared Decision Marking the new standard of care. By developing and implementing decision aids, we will make Shared Decision Making widely available. Moreover, our decision aids will make Shared Decision Making easier and fun.


PatientPlus is the main provider of decision aids in the Netherlands. We have developed over 60 Dutch and over 25 English decision aids to put Shared Decision Making into practice. We continuously develop new decision aids, with over 20 decision aids being developed now. We also continue to work on existing decision aids: we constantly update decision aids based on current medical and scientific literature.

Pragmatic, energetic and driven – this is our way of working. We always co-ordinate the content and implementation of the decision aids with our clients. In this way, everyone gets the product that fits with their practice. Shared Decision making is a learning process; it needs different skills from doctors and patients than usual. That is why we train all medical professionals to use the decision aid. After the implementation we continue to be involved. We monitor all decision aids, keep on optimizing them and give support if needed.

We develop decision aids together with health care providers, healthcare institutions, scientific and patient organisations. We cannot make Shared Decision Making the new standard of care just by ourselves. We would like to inspire you, as health care professional, policy-maker or patient, to critically think about Shared Decision Making. Do you have any good ideas for a new decision aid? We like to work together to facilitate Shared Decision making in your practice.



Co-founder Michiel Hageman got a doctorate in Shared Decision Making in 2018. The book ‘Shared Decision Making; why bother if you can do it TOGETHER’ was published in the same year. The book is packed with tips and interviews from practice.

Are you a health care professional? You can request the book for free! This offer stands while stocks lasts.

Shared Decision Making; why bother if you can do it TOGETHER’
(Dutch) E. Wiegant, T. Teunis, M. Hageman 

WORKING AT PatientPlus

PatientPlus is market leader in Shared Decision Making using our decision aids and we are proud of this. Together with our team of medical, business and IT experts we work hard realizing our vision. Do you also want to work in a passionate team and in a dynamic and enterprising environment? Send a job application to



As medical specialists, we understand the field and its challenges like no other.



Our way of working is energetic and flexible, which makes us capable of tackling every situation.



We are ambitious and passionate about realizing our mission of Shared Decision Making.

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