Prostate cancer decision aid provides a better understanding of the disease

A decision aid helps patients diagnosed with prostate cancer, when deciding on different treatments. Patients are considered vulnerable when making such decisions. This is partly due to the fact that there are different possible treatments as well as that the preferences of the patient are significant for deciding on the treatment.



In the United States, a qualitative study was carried out about the effects of a decision aid for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. Several patients diagnosed with prostate cancer were interviewed about their experiences with the decision aid. This study furnished a number of interesting discoveries. Firstly, a decision aid contributes to a better understanding of the different treatments available. In addition, patients who used the decision aid were more aware of their personal values and preferences. Secondly, patients value quality of life more than to stretch their time to live. Finally, the study shows that a decision aid makes the choice of treatment easier and contributes to an interactive relationship between patient and caregiver.


A decision aid can be a useful tool for the patient by providing the patient with knowledge, which he can use when together with the caregiver deciding on the best treatment. This allows the patient and the caregiver to consider specific preferences, concerns and expectations of the patient for different treatments in order to decide together on a the most suitable treatment for the patient.


PatientPlus decision aids

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